The AFBC Best Buildings committee in consultation with the construction industry and community representatives, has facilitated the design of a structure that is simple, inspirational, yet adaptable to fit into a community park or children’s area.  The structure, designed by Art Paul of Permanent Pole, can be personalized by the recipient community with local art, landscaping, or other adaptations. “The playground project is intended to engage very young children in architecture through play. Each year, a beneficiary community will be involved in the design of a nature-based children's area that includes a culturally-inspired structure.” -Jim Toy, AFBC Board of Directors IDSWEST_Render resized We will be featuring this structure at our booth at the IDS West show this Sept 25-28/14. The western red cedar structure reinterprets millennia-old construction traditions of the region. Show visitors can walk through and around this structure and discover its unique design from all angles. After the show, the structure will be dismantled and shipped to our first community recipient, the Laxgalts’ap Daycare Playground located in the Nass Valley in northern BC.     Architecture-at-Play-sponsors-thank-you