In pursuit of our mission, the AFBC believes:
  • that our position within the community is both an opportunity and a responsibility to provide philanthropic leadership;
  • that the endowment fund is a resource to benefit the people of British Columbia and we commit to steward these funds in a responsible manner;
  •  in open, accessible, respectful, and ethical behaviour in our conduct with all people who come in contact with the foundation;
  • that our policies, programs and practices should enable and encourage understanding of the built environment and how it improves the quality of life for British Columbians.
  • in encouraging and nurturing innovation and managing the risks in all aspects of architecture

What the Architecture Foundation of British Columbia does:

(download funding guidelines - pdf) (download funding application - pdf) The AFBC, a non-governmental community foundation, was founded in 2001 to raise funds that would form a permanent endowment. Today, the Foundation administers funds which come from bequests, endowments, special events and other gifts. Grants are made from income generated from the investment of the funds. The Foundation supports projects throughout British Columbia. How we operate: The  Board of Directors is responsible for the overall policies and practices of the Foundation. In considering applications for funding, the Board relies on Committee assessments and recommendations in all aspects of its operations. Each Advisory Committee is made up of volunteers with knowledge and expertise in the area on which it is focused, such as the Foundation’s investments and for its general administration. Eligibility: Eligible applicants include registered charities and qualified donees under the AFBC Bylaws. They must demonstrate fiscal accountability and effective management. What we Fund: The Foundation supports a wide range of projects that are to enhance British Columbians’ understanding of the built environment. Funded activities often provide a direct service to the community, or take an innovative approach to a community concern. The AFBC is responsive to changing community issues and priorities. The Architecture Foundation of British Columbia will consider requests for program related projects (i.e., specific, time-limited activity or series of activities designed to meet certain goals) Guiding Principles: Architecture Foundation of British Columbia supports innovation where there is demonstrated commitment, the likelihood of effectiveness, and strong potential to serve as a model to others
  • projects require public involvement and engagement, architectural relevance, and province-wide scale and applicability
  • projects should be integrated with defined principles that represent the goals and needs of a community
  •  where appropriate, those affected by the initiative should be involved in the development, implementation and evaluation of the project
  •  the organization should demonstrate a commitment to the project through a contribution of human and/or financial resources
  • significant and appropriate support from other funding sources (including the community) should be evident
  • there should be evidence of collaboration with the community and/or other agencies in the field
  • the organization should demonstrate inclusiveness and respect for cultural diversity
  • projects that will be ongoing after the grant’s end should provide realistic plans for longer-term funding
  • organizations should usually have at least 50% of their funding in place when they apply
Ineligible Requests:
  • 100% of a project’s costs
  •  an organization’s operational or core expenses
  •  retroactive funding, or for any project expenses to be incurred prior to the Foundation’s decision date
  • debt retirement or reserves; mortgage pay-downs
  • conferences, symposia, annual events, or travel to/attendance at such events
  • fund-raising activities
  • office equipment and furniture (e.g., computers)
  • construction
  • support for academic or dissertation research
  • computer labs
  • endowment grants
  • activities previously supported through government funding
Architecture Foundation of British Columbia has a two-stage process. The first stage consists of an informal proposal to determine basic suitability. The second requires submission of a formal grant application by a specific deadline date. Stage One: After you have reviewed the funding guidelines and Advisory Committee goals, send us an outline of your project of no more than two to three pages (8 ½ x 11”) containing the following information:
  •  introduction to your project, (including your Registered Business Number if you have one)
  •  statement of the issues or community priorities that the project will address
  •  concise description of the activities to be undertaken
  •  start-up and completion dates
  •  project budget identifying sources for itemizing all potential expenditures and at least 50-70% of confirmed or potential revenue
  • the amount to be requested from the Architecture Foundation of British Columbia
  • the names and contact information of three (3) references.
Please submit your letter of inquiry at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to the scheduled Board review. If information is missing, or the agenda is full, your proposal could be postponed to the following funding cycle or rejected if it is time sensitive. Early submission is recommended. A Director will review your proposal for basic eligibility and relationship to Advisory Committee goals. If your project is not considered appropriate for further consideration, you will receive an explanation. If the Executive Director determines that the project is suitable to take to the next stage of review, you will be invited to submit a formal application. You may be contacted for additional information which can delay the invitation to submit a formal application. We encourage you to submit your letter as soon as possible, particularly if your project is time sensitive. The AFBC invites applications on a continual basis and, with extremely high demand for funding; some projects may be turned down simply because there is a maximum number of applications we can review each funding cycle (due to limited income and resources). While we will endeavour to move requests forward, we will not provide retroactive funding and some projects will be ineligible due to timing. Stage Two: Grant Application The Executive Director will send you a grant application form with specific instructions for completion. This application must be returned by the deadline. Once your application has been received, you will be sent written confirmation. Over the next nine weeks, The Review Committee Chair and Executive Director will thoroughly assess all projects prior to review by the Advisory Committee. Part of the assessment involves consulting with other funders and informed people in the field. An applicant may be receive a phone call or be asked to meet at this stage to go over further details of the project. The Advisory Committee will then consider your application taking the Directors’ assessment and recommendation into account, and make a recommendation to the Board. A final decision will be available approximately twelve weeks after the deadline date. You will receive written notification of the Board’s decision, along with the terms and conditions of any grant that has been awarded. Submitted materials become the property of the Architecture Foundation of British Columbia. Final decisions on all grants rest with the Foundation and access to its decisions is restricted. NB: Grant Application Deadlines The three annual deadlines for receiving completed grant application forms are the first Friday in January, April and September. The box below provides a summary of the entire process to guide your project planning. Please remember to allow a minimum of 16 weeks (four months) for coonsideration of submissions. The Architecture Foundation of British Columbia does not provide retroactive funding. All funded activities must begin after the decision date.

Action Time line (relative to application deadline)

Stage 1: Applicant submits letter of inquiry As soon as possible (6 to 8 weeks prior to application deadline). Program Directors review proposals on a continual basis and, if eligible, will invite you to submit an application to the next available deadline. Stage 2: Applicant submits completed grant application form. By application deadline (first Friday of January, April or September). Director, followed by Committee, assesses application and discusses project with applicant. Two to 12 weeks after deadline (depending on Advisory Committee schedule) Applicant receives final decision. Approximately 12 weeks after deadline. After a Grant Has Been Awarded: The Architecture Foundation of British Columbia expects the following from grant recipients:
  •  approval from the Program Director prior to any alterations in an agreed upon plan
  •  transparent fiscal management
  •  thorough and well-planned project evaluation and reporting
  •  project dissemination plan and activities, where appropriate
  •  interim and/or final reports (financial and descriptive)
  •  public recognition of the support received from the Architecture Foundation of British Columbia
Foundation staff appreciate the opportunity to make site visits, time and location permitting