Kiyoshi scholarship_web Kiyoshi Matsuzaki, PP/FRAIC volunteered his time and energy to the profession he loved for all his working life. He began decades of service first involved in BC, then as the province’s RAIC representative. By 2007-08 he was RAIC President representing the profession on national and international stages. He foresaw a need for an advocacy and charitable arm helping to found the Architecture Foundation of BC and its fundraising programs. Sadly, Kiyoshi passed away in December 2012. He is greatly missed by all who knew his unrelenting enthusiasm and optimism. The RAIC and the AFBC are raising funds for a Scholarship in his memory. It advances his personal belief in the future of the profession of architecture and his unyielding support of the younger generation of students as the next leaders of the profession. Offered through an endowment, this annual $3,000 scholarship is to be presented to a RAIC Syllabus student taking courses at the RAIC Centre for Architecture at Athabasca University. For more information about this scholarship visit Kiyoshi scholarship_RAIC Syllabus