The Architecture Foundation of BC was conceived by a group of senior BC architects in 1999 to recognize and encourage excellence in architecture. Incorporated in early 2001, the Foundation was formally registered as a public foundation on March 1, 2001. Since then the Foundation has held various programs and fundraising events to build a fund from which it can provide grants to support and fulfill its mission to promote awareness, understanding and appreciation of architecture in British Columbia.

What’s your favourite BC Building?
It could be chosen one of BC’s top 100!
Nominations close Aug 4 – BC Day
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The Architecture Foundation of BC has launched BC’s 100 Best Buildings Contest at Buildex 2014.  The purpose of the contest is to recognize the impact and influence that buildings have had over the past 100 years. The Foundation invites you to share and celebrate your favourite building regardless of purpose, age or materials.  Nominations will be received online.  Each submission should include a photograph of the building, the address where it is located and any name associated with the building.  To enter the contest visit the contest event page.   At the close of nominations, the public will be invited to vote on the top 100, and then judges will choose the top 3 from each region!  The winning buildings will receive award plaques.